Truth is, Matthew's unrivaled wealth of experience in family/child photography creates life-lasting, stunning memories.


"Matthew's photos are absolutely stunning pieces of artwork. His pricing is well below how much we should be paying, considering how dedicated he is to his service and the wonderful photos that he takes. Thanks, Matthew


Family portraits in Auckland, New Zealand

Matthew is a portrait and events photographer based in Auckland. He is a friendly and professional Auckland-based portrait photographer, with extensive experience in children's photography.


hours covered from 2-8 hrs, depending on the event contract.

restricted non-commercial photo license for personal use to make prints or enlargements for personal use from their accessed album. Posting pictures online is allowed, but must include the company name and link to or recognise Matthew Chen Photography’s any online presence. Complied under a model release form.

commercial license entails that the client is granted perpetual worldwide commercial usage license, This means the client’s business can use the images however they please, but they cannot give or sell the material to a third party, with the exception of partners and sponsors that are directly involved in the event.

Book an experience with me!

I am a friendly and professional Auckland-based portrait photographer, specializing in environmental family photos, and event photography. I'm not just a photographer, I am a charmer of children, tamer of tantrums, and wanglers of pet. 

The session package:

A comprehensive and full package care means that every photoshoot is dedicated to your story and yours only.

From booking to receiving your photos, I place the utmost care is placed into every moment of your photographic journey. This is why people love Matthew's modern photos.

A complete experience

Once you've decided to have a photoshoot, an immersive photographic experience takes flight.

Booking – At this early stage, we plan your individualized photoshoot session. It is important to choose a date and time that is suitable for all involved; keep in mind when your children are in their best mood and have slept well.

Before you shoot – A successful portrait session comes down to preparation. Take some time to research the type of photos you love and send me your inspirations of photos you love from the Matthew Chen Photography Website.

Your photoshoot session – This is the exciting bit! Your photography session time varies depending on the package we agreed on, which best fits what you need.

Afterwards – Within 7 business days, you will have received your beautiful, handpicked images. Depending on your package, you can also receive custom-made photo books, prints or other products.

Basic Packages

Lifestyle Children


  • On location*

  • 2 hours session

  • 25 digital high resolution memories

  • Beautiful online viewing gallery

  • 7 business days turnaround

Lifestyle Newborn


  • On location*

  • 2 hours session

  • 25 digital high-resolution memories

  • Beautiful online viewing gallery

  • 7 business days turnaround

Couples & Families


  • On location*

  • 1 hour 30 minutes session

  • 20-30 digital high-resolution memories

  • Beautiful online viewing gallery

  • 7 business day turnaround

These basic packages form the basis of your customised photoshoot. From these packages, you can personalise your photoshoot to your likings and preferences.

Additional Options

Extra half-hour

More time to take photos! $25 for couples/families and $50 for newborn/children.


Extra photos

Have a chance to look through the photos taken and choose more that you like! You can choose up to 12 extra photos.


The RAWs

Access the highest quality, RAW (dng), original digital photo files and have a try editing them yourself, or just to play with them. 



A place to keep all your happy memories, starting at $595.



5x 8x12 in high quality photographic prints



Beautifully framed A3 matte artwork.



High quality printed mugs, pillows, waterbottles, tote bags and phone cases.


Forever Memory

  • One photo book

  • three Artwork prints

  • 12 MINI prints

  • 1 printed mug or pillow or waterbottle or tote bag or phone case


Deluxe Forever Memory 

  • Two photo books

  • 6 Artwork prints

  • 24 MINI prints

  • 2 printed mugs or pillows or waterbottles

  • 1 tote bag or smartphone case