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IGCSE Art & Design (0400) Coursework Portfolio


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My final piece for the Coursework portfolio exhibits all the skills I’ve learnt so far and highlights my vision for an organic composition. When photographing the individual elements for this piece, I focused on perfecting the lighting that would highlight all the fine details, the variation of bubble sizes and the saturation of colour . By utilising my knowledge of fluid density, I was able to introduce bubbles through mixing oil and water, and create patterns through using different coloured dyes. I experimented with multiple flashes to make the elements more complex, the outside rings of each element are caused by blasting two flashes from opposite directions, however, the flashes created incidents where detail in some areas were lost due to overexposure, this was easily fixed by processing the images in Camera Raw and Lightroom CC to bring back details and clarity, the dodging and burning tools were very handy in this situation. To create more variety, I used this software to also lift the exposure or colour space to only show some parts of the circle.

I included lines in the image to bring back uniformity into my work as the circular elements presented an organic composition, but I wanted to also keep a hint and reference to the rigid structures of the glass. Using lines, I could guide the viewer to a certain point of interest, as shown in the final piece, where a horizontal (red) and vertical (black) line guides the viewer to a sphere. The lines also act as a balance between negative and positive space. This is shown with the line on the top left which brings dimensionality to an otherwise flat area. 

To introduce texture to the piece, I added details of the liquids. These details help to subtly fill the negative space and balance out an otherwise right heavy image. 

I have learnt that opacity and luminosity of individual elements play an important role in the shaping of an artworks’ visual impact as, in this case, it dictates the focal point of my artwork. Light and contrast unconsciously guide the viewer, this is exemplified throughout the image, both subtly and noticeably. 

This final piece reflected my Coursework journey as it utilised many techniques learnt throughout the course and also reflected my knowledge and understanding of various artist models that I studied along the way. I developed and extended the works in areas such as digital editing and composition. I thoroughly enjoyed the creation of the final piece and believe it has successfully combined and developed the coherence I wanted between the organic elements, looking at the works of Keith Hastin, and the solid structural compositions, influenced by the works of Mondrian.

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